DIY Landscaping in Sydney for Beginners

If the mere thought of landscaping Sydney excites you then you need to know that nothing should be done hastily while planning a landscape design.

You need to do careful planning to ensure that every colour, texture or plant or adornment you add to your landscape looks phenomenal and just right.

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You should also remember that you will need to continually invest time in a landscape, not only to design it but to maintain it over time.

In case you don’t want to hire an expert to help you out, you should learn about the key stages that can help you to transform your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here they are:


Landscaping Analysis Stage

In this stage, you need to size up the plot and analyse the site to ensure that you make good of your space. When you don’t know how much space you have, filling it appropriately is simply out of the question.

To measure the space accurately, you have different options available. A good option is to do a land survey from your title or realtor office if you own the house you live in.

You can also go for plat map from the county office that has the responsibility of mapping your land. You must do a land survey to analyse your space because it will show any dwellings like fences, buildings, driveways, etc. on your property.

In contrast, a land map will show the land before any such additions were made. No matter which one you go for, you should get the exact dimensions of the property as that’s what you need most.


Landscape Planning Stage

After you get an idea of the space you need to fill, you should work towards the planning stage. In this stage, you need to plan your design.

There are many landscaping designs available on the internet or landscaping books that will come in handy while seeking inspiration.

While planning a design, you need to be aware of drainage patterns, driveways, buildings, septic tanks & lines and underground power lines.

Be sure not to plant in locations that will affect the surrounding structures. You should always plant the right tree in the right place because it will lead to cost savings along with ensuring that you are not spending any money later on for tree removal as a result of damage or death of the tree.

You can even find tree benefit calculators that will tell you about the benefits and potential savings related to any tree. It will certainly help you to make the right decision.


Landscape Design Selection Stage

If you are landscaping to add some colour then you should find the most colourful plants and trees. If you want some shade then you need to go for dense ones and if you want to attract wildlife then the planting should be done accordingly.

In short, you should find plants and trees that meet your landscaping goal. While picking a tree, you should remember to keep certain things in mind like size, form, shape, and location.


Planting Stage

The next stage is the most obvious one. It’s the planting stage. In this stage, you need to plant the shrubs and trees you have selected.

There are many websites and reading material that would give you step by step instructions on how to plant a tree.

You should read them to avoid making common mistakes like planting younger seedlings in commercial soils as these products have chemicals and other harmful elements that may lead to root burn or even kill the seedlings.

You should realize that using these products after one or two years after planting as by that time your shrubs or trees would have been established more. Initially, however, you need to stick to all-natural compost or make your own fertilizer (it’s easy).


Landscaping Maintenance Stage

The final and never-ending stage is the maintenance stage in which you need to do some basic tasks like watering, mulching, etc.

You also need to keep an eye on the landscape to detect any unusual changes to ensure that the landscape trees and shrubs are as healthy as they can be.



Don’t you feel that DIY landscaping is much easier than you thought? If so, you should get started with creating a landscape according to aforementioned instructions.

Do remember to make a few changes to ensure that your personality is reflected in the landscape and everyone loves it.

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