Day: October 19, 2022

The Future of Gaming in Thailand

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Gaming is big business in Thailand. In 2017, the country had over 28 million gaming enthusiasts, with 1.2 million of them considered “hard core.” According to gaming research firm NewZoo, the gaming industry in Thailand is expected to reach $2 billion in revenue by 2025, up from $597 million in 2017. This growth is expected to continue throughout the decade, with games achieving a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent.

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In recent years, the Thai gaming ecosystem has grown, fueled by a pandemic and an increased awareness of online gaming. According to the latest statistics, gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Thailand, with four out of every 10 Thais listing gaming as one of their top five leisure activities. The majority of gamers are between the ages of 16 and 44 and live in urban areas.

The growth of the เว็บพนันออนไลน์ industry in Thailand is expected to continue, and the Thai government has already indicated its willingness to support its growth. With more casinos and gaming centers opening in the country, there is no doubt that the gaming industry in Thailand is on the rise. And with the Thai government’s support, this sector’s future is bright.

The growing popularity of gaming in Thailand has created an opportunity for brands to reach consumers and build relationships. There are many ways to connect with gamers and make gaming more engaging and fun. For example, limited-edition items for games can create an irresistible attraction for competitive gamers. And in-game sponsorships of video games allow brands to connect with a highly receptive audience.