A Little Paws Training Review


There is a new training program from the Little Paws for Pets that is fast gaining popularity. This program has gained a lot of people’s attention for its cute characters and its interactive training program. This program is for puppies and older dogs and you can learn how to properly take care of your pet with the help of this training program. The Little Paws for Pets offers a lot of dog accessories for you to choose from. Little Paws Training review.

Little Paws Training review

A Little Paws Training Review

For the pet owners, you get to choose from the following: the Little Paws Pet Finder, the Pet Tracker, the Little Paws Toy Tracker, the Doggie Book, the Pet Ball, and the Pet Tote. All of these accessories are designed to make it easier for you to keep track of your pet. The Little Paws Pet Finder will help you find your pet with the help of its GPS function. This device has a sensor on the side of the collar that will detect the presence of your pet whether or not it is at home or not. Once the unit finds your pet, the app will give you a map of where your pet is located. You can also receive an email notification if you miss your call.


The Pet Tracker is a small gadget that has a tiny LCD screen located on the back of your pet’s collar. It has a small LED light that will flash when your pet leaves its designated area and when it returns. You can use this little gadget in order to check if your pet is inside their house or outside. The Pet Tracker also has an emergency button which you can press in case something unexpected happens while you are away.

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