A New Direction For Developers in Singapore


There are many excellent quality properties for sale in Belgravia, Singapore. Some of the best quality properties in the Tong Eng group include Goodwood Grand and Three Balmoral, as well as several others. The Belgravia Green development is yet another gorgeous and stunning estate development that’s located within a stunning serene, landed estate in Singapore called the villa. This is a relatively new development to the market, but it will surely become one of the top real estate developments in the coming years. Here are some of the important facts about this fantastic property:

A New Direction For Developers in Singapore

A very important point concerning the layout of the villa and its design concept is that the entire development is built in an environmentally-friendly fashion, utilizing natural landscapes and light to its greatest advantage. A major aspect of this design concept is the inclusion of a sustainable rural style lifestyle that incorporates conservation of resources and environmental awareness into all aspects of lifestyle, from design concept to landscaping to maintenance and even colour. All of this has led to the establishment of a totally green and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, one that’s been further enhanced with the establishment of a freehold community.

The major difference between the Belgravia Green developments and other Singharay projects is that this private residential development strata housing is not actually part of an established community. As such, the land on which this residential property is built is completely freehold. As a consequence, the developer can create whatever he wants on the land, including residential houses, apartments, shops, resorts and golf courses. The aim of the developer is to make as much use of the land as possible, while at the same time ensuring that the land is ecologically sustainable and that no major environmental damage occurs.

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