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Depending on the interpretation, killing a praying mantis in your dream can mean several different things. First, it may represent a fear of the unknown. Then, it may symbolize a need to get out of the rut and focus on what you want to accomplish. The second meaning is to be spiritually motivated. If you see a dead mantis, it means you haven’t done enough to advance yourself spiritually.

Killing a Praying Mantis in Your Dream

praying mantis dream meaning

Secondly, killing a praying mantis in your dream indicates that you are not a strong enough person to be able to confront your fears. This is a sign that you have lost perspective and are unable to face challenges head-on. This is a signal to consider your approach to overcoming challenges and working towards your ultimate goal. If you find yourself fighting against challenges, the prayers mantis can also be a sign that you need to realize that your fear of failure is a sign of your need for balance.

Finally, the praying mantis dream meaning is to remind you to make critical decisions and not to rush into decisions without knowing how they will turn out. Seeing multiple opportunities in front of you requires you to be patient, think things through, and be prepared to take advantage of them when they arise. If you are experiencing any of these situations in your life, you may be a good candidate for a new job or business.

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