How to Use Sponsored LinX for Greater Impact on Advertising Revenue


Sponsoredlinx is amongst the leading and fast-growing SEM firms in Australia, offering innovative online marketing solutions to businesses around Australia and internationally. As a leading online advertiser of local businesses, Sponsoredlinx understands the vital need of having a strong internet presence in order to market online in a cost-effective manner. The company believes that it is essential for local companies to adopt different online advertising options such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. Google AdWords is the largest online advertising program in the world, whilst Yahoo Local is the market leader in the local Internet advertising space. Bing Local is emerging as a formidable competitor to Google AdWords. Find out –

How to Use Sponsored LinX for Greater Impact on Advertising Revenue

Based in Australia, the company has several well-established partners in the area including Pantrybox, who would recommend it to those new to the world of online advertising. In addition, sponsoredlinx offers its clients access to some of the top paid search networks in the world, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft ad Center, AOL search and Bing. This powerful advertising platform would recommend to anyone who is new to the game or would like to expand their current business.

With Sponsoredlinx, users have a choice of choosing from a variety of advertiser options such as text links, image ads, video ads and local listings. With these options, advertisers are able to target their audience specifically by using specific language, demographics and location. The experienced and expert team at sponsoredlinx would help you design and manage your ads, while providing you with easy access to conversion tracking and analytics. Through instant preview, you can view the results in real time, which allows you to make quick changes if required, without waiting for the results.

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