Mechanic Hoppers Crossing a Cross Road


The mechanic hoppers are small vehicles that are used for transporting parts and other objects across roads. They are usually attached to a tractor and can be pulled along in small groups. These vehicles were very useful during the early days of the industry because it made moving heavy items easier, but now they are becoming less important as technology improves.

mechanic hoppers crossing

Car Mechanic Hoppers Crossing

A tractor is pulled along by the mechanic hoppers crossing a cross road. When the tractor reaches the other side of the road, the mechanic hoppers are pushed forward with the power of the tractor engine. This is done to prevent any other car from blocking the path. These types of vehicles are also useful for carrying other materials as well. They can be used to carry supplies and equipment such as buckets. There are different sizes of mechanics hoppers that are used and their names are usually self explanatory. Some of the main types of mechanics hoppers are shown in the following illustration.

Long wheelbase hoppers – These are very large trailers used to transport large and bulky materials like sand, gravel, cement and rocks. They can carry various types of materials and are used mainly for construction purposes. The long wheelbase hoppers can be lifted up with one hand while the weight of the trailer is about 200 kilograms. Another important type is short wheelbase hoppers. They are used mostly for moving gravel and have a capacity of about fifty kilograms.

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