Men’s Chain With Pendant


chain with pendant men

Chains with pendants are a popular way to make a man look stylish. They are also comfortable to wear and feel like a family heirloom. Some men like to go for oxidised sterling silver chains for a more masculine look. These work well with blacks and greys. Yellow gold chains are a great choice because they contrast black and complement warmer tones. The choice of metal and style is largely dependent on the man’s taste.

How to Do Choosing Men’s Chain With Pendant

The most common length for men is around 18 inches. This length fits the average man’s neck well, but it will show outside the shirt. Some men prefer shorter chains, while others like long necklaces. If a man is going for a long necklace, he should choose a 20 or 22-inch chain with pendant men. This length is more acceptable for everyday use. However, some men prefer longer chains that reach up to 24 inches.

There are five basic families of men’s necklaces. There are also specialized designs. One of these is the military-style dog tag, which is still popular with men. These have a very masculine look and naturally pair with men’s classic outfits. However, jewelers have now come up with upscale versions of this classic style. The basic dog tag features a pair of tabs on a ball chain, which may include a raised design or text.

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