Meth Testing in Hawkes Bay


Meth testing Hawkes Bay

A recent meth testing Hawkes Bay shows that the police station there has stopped the practice of random drug checking. This comes as quite a surprise since meth labs are usually located in or around the areas where a large number of Police Officers are based in. The meth labs in the Police Station parking lot certainly didn’t help this situation. Apparently, the Police have now stopped the practice and have placed signs alerting residents that the Police is not checking for meth labs in their area. This is quite unfortunate because meth is one of the most addictive substances in the country. It would be amazing to know that people who are heavily addicted to meth are not checking in on the people they come into contact with every day.


It seems that police in Napier were not getting enough cooperation from the locals and that is why they decided to implement a random meth testing bay. One thing is for sure; police officers and community members are not happy about this new addition. Local residents say that they don’t like the idea that they will be randomly testing people in their homes, especially if they are not sure of the “quality” of drugs being used. It is also important to keep in mind that meth can easily be re-distributed throughout a large area and that is especially worrisome in Hawkes Bay.


This new policy in Napier is another example of a government being unable to deal with the problems that are inherent with meth abuse. Communities throughout New Zealand are facing tough challenges with meth lab infestations. It is absolutely imperative that everyone adhere to drug treatment programs and keep drug abuse at bay in the future.

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