Michigan Distillery


Whether you are a lover of gin, vodka, whiskey, or any other spirit, Michigan distillery has something to offer. You can take a tour of your favorite distillery, see how it’s made, and sample the product. Some distilleries even hold events. This way, you can experience the passion behind the industry.

Is it legal to distill in Michigan?

Michigan distilleries source locally sourced products, supporting Michigan farmers and creating additional opportunities for local businesses. You can find dozens of distilleries throughout the state. Some distilleries also produce high-quality craft beers and wines.

Michigan distilleries are making use of the state’s agricultural heritage, using two million pounds of Michigan grain and fruit to produce spirits. The owners of Michigan distilleries believe that close ties with local farmers are essential to the success of their businesses.

Michigan distilleries are quickly building a reputation for their quality spirits. The Grand Traverse Distillery, located in Traverse City on Michigan’s 45th parallel, is the oldest micro-distillery in the state. It produces vodka, whiskey, gin, and rye. They also make a variety of fruit liqueurs, including a brandy made from Michigan apples. They have won multiple international tasting competitions.

Ann Arbor Distilling Company is located in Southeast Michigan. They produce Fox River Michigan Whiskey, four seasonal gins, and absinthe violette. They also source ingredients from local farmers, using four Michigan grains.

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association is a group of nearly two dozen craft distilleries. They have a common voice on business issues and legislative issues.

Weiss Distilling Co.
34 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017, United States

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