Partial Dentures – An Overview


A removable partial denture is a false denture especially for a partial dentures patient who can’t have a full bridge because of financial constraints or other inability to afford the full cost, for aesthetic or practical reasons. The advantages of these dentures are that it takes away the embarrassment of having missing teeth. It gives the patients a chance to have good dental health and appearance without needing to hide their teeth with fillings or bridges. However the disadvantages of this are that they cannot replace a lost tooth. It cannot help patients straighten their teeth and it can’t be used as protection for the remaining teeth.

partial dentures


Partial Dentures – An Overview

There are different types of partial dentures that are available based on the type of missing tooth that one has. There are traditional full dentures that look like a normal tooth and the difference is that it is made from two crowns which are secured in front of the teeth. There are also the invisible partial dentures which are similar to the traditional full dentures but they are not visible when the patient smiles. There are also the removable partial dentures, which are used to replace one or more teeth.


These dentures are specially designed to fit the gums of the patient and help them maintain the oral health. It prevents the gums from being swollen or bleeding. These dentures also help restore the normal function of the jaw joint by correcting the position of the tongue. It also prevents the gums from sagging due to the absence of natural teeth. Partial dentures are one of the best ways of improving the oral health of people and helps restore the complete smile and appearance of the patient.

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