Pros and Cons of Medicare Lap Band Surgery


medicare lap band surgery

As a patient considering the options available to help control his or her weight, a great deal of consideration should be given to Medicare Lap Band surgery. While laparoscopic gastric banding (also known as lapband) is considered one of the most effective ways of losing weight, it also presents the risk of several long-term health complications. As compared to gastric banding, lapband does not require any incisions and there are no implants inserted into your stomach. Although this may sound like an appealing alternative, if the health risks are not weighed against the short-term benefits, lap band surgery may not be the best option.

The Secret Of Successful Pros And Cons Of Medicare Lap Band Surgery

In terms of health risks, one of the main issues with lap band surgery is the fact that it requires a lengthy hospital stay. During the time that patients remain in the hospital, they will be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where physicians monitor the patient’s health using various types of monitoring devices. If the ICU is deemed necessary, the patient will then be moved to a recovery room or a surgical unit where he or she will remain under observation at all times. If you are thinking about undergoing gastric banding as a means of controlling your weight, you should be prepared to stay in the hospital for several days.

Another of the risks involved with this type of weight loss surgery is that of malnutrition. Even though lap band will prevent the absorption of food when taken regularly, it is still possible to suffer from deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients as a result of having the band placed around the upper part of your stomach. Although the band will prevent other foods from being absorbed into the body, it may still leave parts of the food that cannot be absorbed. Because of this, it may be necessary for patients to take vitamin supplements or to eat smaller portions of meals due to insufficient nutrients.

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