Things to Do in Athens OH Ohio


If you are looking for cheap holidays to travel to Greece, then the places that you should visit are Athens Ohio. Athens is the administrative center of Ohio and the county seat of Athens County. It is the cultural and political center of the state of Ohio. It is also one of the largest cities in the state of Ohio and is a melting pot of hundreds of ethnic groups and cultures. Among the most popular tourist destinations in Greece are Athens, Crete, Laganas, Kilkenny and Santorini.

Five Fun Things to Do in Athens, Ohio

There are many things to do in Athens, Ohio. You can walk down the famous “Greenway” which runs along the entire city. On the downtown district you can see many historic buildings and hotels which are beautifully preserved by their owners. The sight of the many bars, restaurants and clubs on the trendy eastern side of the Greenway will give you a night life like no other.

However, if you are looking for things to do in Athens Ohio that will not occupy much of your time, then you can also go to some of the state parks in the area. These state parks are perfect to spend the day or to just relax at. Some of the parks in Ohio that are perfect to explore while strolling around in the greenways are Cedar point national park, south fork state park, south shore state park and Rock Point State Park. If you are still looking for things to do in Athens Ohio, you can go to the state parks listed above and find many more fun things to do.

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